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Translation software is not making translators obsolete. Has medical diagnostic software made doctors obsolete?
Nataly Kelly

At Transcribe, T means tailor-made, timely translations.


Tailor-made means taking into account your house style, publication medium and target audience and ensuring that the result sounds exactly as if it had been written in the Queen’s best to begin with. Or giving it a transatlantic twist if required. We can adopt any one of the various English language standards, are careful to ensure that your original layout is respected to avoid any risk of confusion, and will gladly use any specific glossaries you may have or create them for you.


Timely means your work will be completed and returned to you on time (or before) and on target. We specialize in impossible deadlines.


We will tackle virtually any subject matter in French, German, Italian and Spanish into English, and select subject matter from Swedish.


And if you require consecutive interpretation from French to English for factory tours, press conferences or workshops, don’t hesitate to give us a call…

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