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According to the Economist, a poster should contain no more than eight words which is the maximum the average reader can take in at a single glance.

A daunting challenge, one might think, but exactly the kind of task we thrive on.


At Transcribe, E stands for excellent English which is what we specialize in. So be it the history of horology, a snappy slogan, technical tomes or a simple letter, in nearly three decades, we’ve done pretty much everything, for an extensive range of target audiences of differing linguistic abilities and cultures.  So whether it’s an eight word poster, a 500 word press release, a business letter or a comprehensive user manual, we’d love to have a chance to provide you with a piece of perfect prose – and have even been known to deliver poetry when the context so requires. Or perhaps you’re preparing a presentation and want to be sure to have your audience hanging on your every word. The question isn’t what can we do for you – it’s what can’t we?

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